Food Hype: Ice Cream Sandwich Macaron Style

Growing up I was never an ice cream sandwich fan. The neopolitan chocolate ice cream sandwiches never peaked my interest as other children. However, the revolution of the ice cream sandwich is not your typical neopolitan chocolate covered sandwich anymore. It has now turned that chocolate cracker into a delightful macaron cookie with your choice of a crafty ice cream and I’ll tell you some of the hot spots for this yummy treats.

I discovered two places that were delicious and I will definitely be returning to. The first was the Dolcissimo Bakeshop in Chino Hills, California. They are commonly known for their circus animal cracker macaron ice cream sandwich. Both cute in size and color, it was my first pick and I fell in love.  

Circus Animal
I will definitetly be returning for more, although they didn’t have much displayed as they do on their website. I assume a lot of their desserts come in seasons so I greatly advice you follow them on social media for daily updates so you can catch them on a great day.

My next stop and all time favorite is the Milk Shop in Los Angeles, California. This place is the hottest macaron ice cream sandwich bar in the area especially for a late night dessert run before it hits midnight. I was on my way into a club that is down the street from the shop but when the Milk sign caught my eye I had no intention on clubbing anymore and had a nice dessert night instead. 


Blue Velvet & Watermelon Chip
Once we bit into our sandwiches the rest of the world faded away. I know that sounds dramatic but these are honestly that delicious. I have been craving them again since I left that night. They have two shops located in Los Angeles, if you are ever in the area this place is a for sure go-to! If you are not a huge ice cream fan and are just not sold on the macaron sandwich deal they also offer other delectable treats such as shakes, cupcakes and whole cakes with lunches such as salads and sandwiches.



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