Food Hype: Holy Matcha SD

Move over, Matcha is in town!
Growing with popularity in big cities across the country, matcha has finally graced us with its presence in San Diego. Holy Matcha opened this year in March, it is the first of hopefully many to come, located in none other than very hip North Park. You can’t miss the pink bicycles.
If you are wondering, what the hell is matcha? Don’t worry, we all asked the same thing at first wind. Matcha simply means “powdered tea”, it is green tea leaves finely grounded into a powder and has lots of antioxidants. This was originated in Japan and it is a traditional beverage in the country.

My visit to Holy Matcha, my first initial thought how aesthetically pleasing it was, especially for any young female blogger out there, this is the IT place. Don’t be surprised if you see pretty girls taking pictures everywhere! Since this is still fairly new, it gets very busy pretty fast! The hours of business are 10 am to 7 pm. I got there at about 11 and it wasn’t too bad until 15 minutes later the place was packed! They were very quick to run out orders, although they forgot to make mine, all is forgiven. I really noticed all the hard work they were doing and that was sweet.

I know everyone is ranting and raving about the decor and pink setup and I am going to be no different and tell you that this place every girl’s dream house and whoever decorated can you please decorate my house!

Matcha Lemonade, Matcha Chia Seed Pudding (left) Pink Lemonade, Almond Butter Toast (right)

A little peek at what the menu is like, on the right of the photograph is my order which consisted of Matcha Lemonade and Matcha Chia Seed Pudding. On the left of the photo is my friend’s order of Almond Butter Toast and a Pink Lemonade which was the special of the day. Now, the Lemonades were not “watered down” whatsoever, it was almost unbearably sweet! I like my drinks sweet so it didn’t bother me so much. Looking past the sweetness, the beverages were decorated ever so beautiful and I would go back for another one!

The Chia pudding had some time getting used to but I discovered it tastes even better with extra matcha on top. Don’t tell them I told you (haha) and how cute is that “Holy” made of matcha on the plate, ugh, the cuteness is real.

All of this matcha talk makes me want another! And this time with a matcha donut 😉


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